How do I sign up?

Just go to the Sign Up form.

Please understand that you don't need to use your IB Username or password. This was built as a separate system, so there's no requirement to use the same info. For myself, I used the same username from IB to make it easier to remember, but a different password. Use your best judgement, and do what's easiest for you.

How do I mark sets as received/needed?

Go to the Icons Needed page. If you've received every icon set, you can simply click the checkbox in the green table header, and then click the Update button. This will mark all of the sets as received. If that is not the case, just put check marks on the ones that you have received, and again, click the Update button.

If you would like to add more detail to a set, either needed or received, you can click the name of the set & update any of the specific details. These details can help with:

  • indicating sets that you'd like to receive before others (want)
  • mark the month to receive the set & plan your token allotment
  • type in the person that you have promised to receive a set from (promised)
  • the specific date that you received a set
  • general notes to remember about that set

What do the Stats mean?

The stats have been carefully calculated to match those found in your IB profile. They indicate:

  • the number of sets that you've delivered to other IB members
  • referrals into IB
  • badges earned from receiving sets & other milestones
  • other details about your IB profile (loaded & updated by you)
  • the number of sets you've received
  • received sets broken into their related families

Why are my Outstanding Stamps different than IB?

For a while, there was a calculation error found within IB. There were specific instances where a member would be credited for sending a set to another member twice, or where stamps were not deducted when a set was sent, etc. Based on the few examples members were able to provide, I implemented the Stamps & Points Offset fields. These fields are needed in very rare situations & it's possible that IB has since corrected their calculation error. If at any point, you find your points to be displaying incorrectly, and you have your tokens, stamps & deliveries entered accurately, you may need to consider using these fields.


How does the Friends section work?

This is a way to track specific details about friends that you make within IB. Personally, whenever I add a new friend in IB, I add them to the Dashboard as well. That way, if they tell me their refill day for tokens, or I want to remember their birthday or nickname, I have a quick way to look that up. Consider it a quick contact card for all of your friends.

How to submit ideas/requests?

Currently, there isn't an official forum for the IBD. Most of the conversation is within a blog in IB, which can be found in my box. I always encourage getting blog comments here, and you can also send me an e-mail directly to:

Where do I read about system updates?

I post system updates to the current blog within IB, but also on the TDS(Timely Database Solutions) blog page located here, or by clicking the News link in the navigation bar.

What is the purpose of IBD & why did I start this project?

This project was started for several reasons. The main one being that I'm addicted to IconBuffet, and additionally, I wanted a means to track my sets, stats, & other valuable information online instead of using my cumbersome Excel file.

It started with a look almost identical to IB, and then quickly morphed into the sexy specimen you see today. And let's not forget "The Chefs", for without their initial vision & hard work, none of this would even be possible.

Enjoy & welcome to the IB Dashboard!